Leonard's Scenario
~Liz and Leo's Wild Adventures~


After the long wait for SaGa SCARLET GRACE, I was eager to start up a game, but I wasn't sure what character I wanted to pick. Fortunately, this game will pick for you when you take a little personality test at the beginning. I decided rather than trying to force a certain character, I would just answer honestly and play with whatever protagonist the game decided was a good match for me.

Would I be able to play as the assertive and energetic princess Urpina on her journey to find out what happened to her home? Or would I be play as the cute executioner Balmaint as he sets out to quell an unrested spirit of a man he killed? Or the elegant mage Taria who is unraveling the mysteries of the world?

Oh, and I guess there's that farmer guy running around, who looks boring and generic.


Leonard was by far my least favorite of the four heroes from what I saw before playing the game. Of course, I didn't want to spoil it, so I really hadn't seen that much. I ended up not only pleasantly surprised with how fun the game was, but also with how much I enjoyed Leonard's scenario. I feel bad for disliking him before lol...

As it was my first time through the game and the game was brand new, there's a lot of confusion and learning. Unlike previous entries in the series, though, this game has great on-line documentation so I was able to learn stuff easily enough, along with a little half from the GFAQs board.

Leonard's scenario propelled SCARLET GRACE into position of being one of my favorite games in the SaGa series, though we'll have to see if it stays there after consecutive playthroughs.