Goodbye, Liz!
Judgment to Those Whom Defy the Oath

Now that Daddy Lighthouse Darling has officially become a member of the Lizleo crew, we can... run around and do a bunch of random stuff, because honestly that's what the SaGa series is meant to be about.

If you remember before, when we entered Cerenaif before, there was a person being chased by some kind of demon or something, and we ignored that to continue looking for blacksmiths lol. Well, we're going to head back there now and see what that was about.


When we approach them, we unsurprisingly get into a battle with the demon. It's kinda cool looking. It had some plant and undead monsters with it, but overall it wasn't very hard to defeat -- a pretty uneventful fight. Rico got a Rank Up on Swing Down which is great.

Once the battle is over, it seems that the woman who was being chased has already run away.

But the demon is still here.

It just starts saying, "Oath..."

Leo notices it's still there and tells it to get lost.


But of course, it's not that easy. It tells us again to take an oath, this time referring to us as "those who wish for the Scarlet Shard." Of course, that gets Leo's attention, and he demands to know how the demon knows we're looking for scarlet shards.

But it just keeps telling us to take an oath, take an oath.

Liz says it's not going to quit bothering us unless we take an oath, so we may as well just do it. We're given three options for Liz's pledge:

"I shall not kill."

"I shall not steal."

"I shall not change."

I... had no idea what to pick, but we seem to kill and steal a lot, so I figured those would probably be bad things to choose. I'm not really sure what it meant by "change," and I was also kinda curious about that, so that's the one I ended up going with.

The demon says, "Thou shalt never change," and then it goes away.


After it's gone, Leo tells Liz that she just made a pact with a demon.

But Liz seems to think it's pretty humorous, and doesn't seem to be taking it seriously.


Even though it looked like the demon went away, it now constantly follows us everywhere. If we leave Cerenaif, it doesn't come, but as soon as we re-enter the province, it appears again and starts following us around (kinda like baby Scarlet). Liz comments about feeling the presence of an evil spirit when we return to the province. But no one mentions anything about being able to see the demon, so maybe the characters can't see it, and it's just there to show the player that we have this demon watching over us now. A demon who doesn't like to leave Cerenaif lol.


So, we may as well figure out what's going on and see if we can get this thing to finally leave us alone. We approach this group of soldiers and decide to talk to the sexiest of the bunch.

He tells us that they're training to invade Parm, but they don't have enough equipment. He notices that we're adventurers and tells us that across the bridge to the west, we can find the ruins of old Parm Castle.

They may have some proivisions left over in the old armory, so if we happen to be in the area, it would be nice if we grabbed some and brought them back. Oh, and of course, there are monsters there anymore, so we should be careful.

We head over there, fight some minor monsters, and find that the left behind equipment in the castle is old and worn out. It doesn't really look suitable for use, but Liz says it's not our job to judge if it's usable, and we take it with us.

The Zegna soldier is happy we were able to find anything at all, and gives us a small reward. I either missed screencapping the reward, or we didn't actually get anything and we just talk like we did.

He also tells us that something is fishy about Parm's recent activity, and they're doing emergency training.


Near the water mill, we find an archer from Parm. He says it seems like the Zegna lot have been stealing weapons from their fort. Leo notes that even though they call it "their" fort, it's just an abandoned castle.

Even still, he says it's problematic for those guys to get their hands on more weapons. He tells us if we go destroy the remaining weapons in the castle, he'll reward us.

Well, we kinda already gave them to the Zegna guys, oops. But maybe there are actually more left? IDK.


We stop by the water mill just to see what's there, and this guy asks us if we want to try fishing with him. I was kinda expecting a fishing minigame or something. But when we do it, he just says we caught the fish and then we eat them with rice.

Then we head to the abandoned castle to see if there are any weapons left so we can destroy them. There are, and we bust 'em up.


And suddenly, the demon from before comes back. It says judgement will come to those who break the oath...


And then it does something to Liz, and tells her to obey the pact she made, and disappears again. Leo asks if she's OK, and she says it feels like the life was drained out of her. Leo says we should hurry and leave Cerenaif.

Liz says that we have to look for the Scarlet Shard, but her life is important, too. She knows that if Leo's taking care of things, though, he'll find a way to save her and get the Shard.

To be honest, I think it's a little out of character for Liz to risk her life for the Shard, especially when she still seems to think looking for the Shards is more of a joke than anything.

Anway, she seems to realize that she made a pretty troublesome promise. I guess helping Parm destroy the stuff after helping Zegna collect it was considered a 'change.'

After that, though, everything seems fine again, so we go back to the archer to report our success.


He thanks us and rewards us for our work, and then we notice a dog wandering around the province.

We went over and petted it a bit, and figured it must belong to the water mill guy (we saw it leave the water mill while talking to Parm archer guy).

So, we decide to head back to the water mill to see if perhaps something is going on there or maybe the guy is missing his dog or something.

Nothing new happens when we arrive -- the guy just asks us if we want to fish again, like he did before. I said yes last time, so I figured I'd try saying no this time and...



Leo yells at the demon to stop. Sadly, this doesn't seem to be the solution, as it does not stop.

Once it's over, Liz seems to be fine again, but...


I noticed in the menu that her Max LP has dropped from 5 to 3. So each time this happens, she not only loses LP, but her Max LP decreases, too...

I didn't really catch on to why this was happening yet. I mean, I thought the first time was because I changed sides and helped the enemy of the people I helped the first time.

But this time I didn't really do anything?

So I thought maybe it just happens every few events, like every three times I talk to someone maybe it happens. So I kept talking to fishing guy over and over to see if it would happen again. It's not that I want Liz to get hurt, but I'm assuming that it will give us a clue on what to do about it or something.

Saying "no" to fishing is a lot faster than saying yes, since you don't have to sit and wait to catch the fish and eat it, so I just kept saying no, but the event didn't trigger.

Then it kinda hit me what I had done.

So I talked to fishing guy again, and this time changed what I did with him, saying yes so that we fish again and...


Even something as simple as changing your mind about fishing is enough to get the life sucked out of you, I guess?!

To make sure, I tried picking "no" again, and indeed the demon came back and attacked Liz again. This time Leo begged it to steal his life instead, but it did not listen, and just kept saying judgement comes to those who defy the oath.

Now Liz had 1LP. Like 1 max. So I figured I may as well just see what happens when the demon comes again. Probably Leo will beat it up in some kind of big heroic moment and Liz will be okay, right?

Well, we go fishing again, and when we're done... judgment time!


But this time, Liz says goodbye to Leo.

And she fades away.

Like, it actually killed her.

At this point I was really freaking out. I couldn't even be sad because I couldn't believe it happened and was still in denial. I just kinda sat there staring at the screen for a bit in shock, contemplating reloading an old save or something????

I at least went on with the scene, and Leo just says he'll never forgive the demon.


And then we have to fight it.


But looking in the menu, Liz is still considered in the party, she's just knocked out like when you lose all your LP. Her LP is still "0/1" though...

The battle isn't very hard. It's pretty much the same as before. After defeating it, we get a Unicorn Tear accessory.

And Liz seems to be back. She's very weak, but she's alive. It seems that by defeating the demon, we were able to restore her life energy before it was too late.

Seeing Leo, Liz thinks maybe she's dead and having visions of him in heaven. But he holds her, and the warmth of his hands lets her know that she's alive. She thanks him over and over and...


A Scarlet Shard forms between them.

I don't really understand where it came from, but we found it. And I'm so relieved that Liz is okay. I'm sad that she got knocked out from the whole ordeal, because she's one of the most important characters in the battle party. Not only is she super strong, but she has great utility, too. And she's fast. And just super cool. Seriously, I really love Liz and if she had actually died here I would have been so upset...

But for now, Liz and Leo's adventures together will continue on.