Escape from Silmium!
Sunny Stroll Gone REALLY Bad

Let's start a new adventure! Last time, we saved Clear Data after finishing Leonard's scenario, so we can use that to start our new game this time! When we boot up the game itself, we now are presented with a Leo-themed title screen!

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Leo in the Sky

A big floating Space Leo! Yay! Cool, right? I wonder if it will add other characters as we clear more scenarios or if it will just replace the title screen with whoever was last cleared? Guess we'll have to wait a while to find out, though.

We load the clear data and we're given two options: we can select our character ourselves, or use the comet fortunetelling thing that we did before again. The questions change for the second time through, I think to make it easier to get a character you haven't played yet. When I played before losing all my screenshots, I actually did the comet thing and got Urpina. But then this time I got Taria, but I wanted to play Urpina, so I rejected the Taria I got and it let me choose for myself.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Lead character selection

We get to pick one of the four characters outright, but they don't get the modified stats that come with answering the questions from the comet. Just plain old base stats. Also, Urpina and Taria are listed first. They're this way in the game guide, too. Which is kinda cool.

Urpina starts the game with a Longsword and the Royal Hearts formation, which we used kinda heavily in Leo's game after recruiting Urpina, too.

Here are her base stats:

  • LP: 8
  • STR: 12
  • SKI: 11
  • SPE: 13
  • END: 8
  • MAG: 7
  • CON: 9

So she's got great Strength, Skill, and Speed, which is pretty cool. Sadly a lot of Skill-based weapons also heavily rely on Concentration, though, so we probably won't have her shooting any arrows. And definitely not any magic. But she comes with a sword, so I think she's more suited to being a heavy-hitter, anyway, and the story seems to confirm that, as well.

With our character picked out, let's begin the story!

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Silmium

We begin our tale at House Julanius in Silmium on the morning of the departure. I don't know if there's an English word for this but this is specifically a military departure headed to the front of battle.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Maximius and Antonius

Like most stories even with a female protagonist, our narrative begins with a conversation between two men. On the left we have Urp's smoking-hot dad Maximius (yes, that extra "i" is supposed to be in there), who is the head of the House of Julanius, the royal family of Silmium, as well as the commander of its army. His full name is given in the guidebook as Maximius Urpinius Julanius, so I guess Urpina must be named after him, which is kinda cool.

On the other side we have Antonius Julanius, Maximius's son and Uprina's elder brother, and Maximius's next-of-kin.

It's not clear exactly what they're talking about, but it sounds like Max has commanded Ant to stay in Silmium as he travels to the front himself, but Antonius has different ideas. He seems to be pleading with his father to change his mind, but Max stands firm with his decision.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Urpina appears

Then Urpina pops up, asking that she, too, be allowed to travel with her father to the front and help him fulfill his duties. He tells her that she is to stay behind to protect Silmium with her brother.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Ibex Ring

Maximius then gives a ring with a red jewel. I feel like red jewels are bad news in this game, but it doesn't seem to be bad here. Apparently this Ibex Ring is a keepsake of Urpina's late mother Claudia that Max is handing down to her. He says it may be a bit earlier than expected, but he feels now is the time to give the ring to her, as she, too, must wield the power to uphold House Julanius.

Antonius interrupts and, albeit with apology, claims that Urpina doesn't have that kind of strength yet.

Urpina says that she can do it -- or rather, that she will do it. Just as her mother was at her father's side brandishing the sword, she, too, will fight for House Julanius.

Now not much has happened yet but I just want to say I really appreciate that the reason Antonius objects to Urpina receiving the ring (which I guess is some kind of coming-of-age-you-can-go-kill-people-with-weapons-now symbolism) is not because she's a girl, but just because she isn't that strong yet. Implying that he believes she's going to become strong, but she's still just a kid. I think Urpina is supposed to be like 13 or 14? Like, she is just a little kid.

And Urpina's mom was a warrior, too. Not the stereotypical 'supports the dad from a chair' queen, but she was right out there battling alongside him. That's pretty awesome.

Max lets them know that this trip he will be supported by House Guinness and they're only to go settle things down in the Capital and then he'll come right back, probably with Lady Elysed.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Antonius annoyed with giddy Urpina

Urpina perks up immediately upon hearing Elysed's name, and excitedly assumes that Elysed is coming back to marry Antonius. Ant gets a bit annoyed, though, and tells her not to choose his partners for him.

They wish their father well and he sets off to the Capital. Urpina lingers behind him hoping aloud that he comes back soon, because she really misses Elysed. Antonius scolds her for being so free-spirited, saying that he, too, wishes to see Elysed again, but now's not the time for that kind of thing. Then, thinking to himself, he notes that his father's ambition is to restore the Capital, but he's unsure to what extent he's willing to live for such a goal.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Mondo and Urpina outside Silmium

The next day, Antonius asks Urpina to patrol around the Rhonicum region. Eager to help out, Urpina rushes out of town to meet with Mondo, who is helping her with her rounds. There's... not really any explanation who he is, other than he's supporting Urpina, so I guess he's just some rando vassal who's about to get caught up in the misadventures of Princess Urpina.

Mondo says she can just go wherever she wants, but you never know when you may have to fight. And then we're given control of Urpina and able to run around Silmium as we wish!

We stop immediately south to the boat house and talk to Ignassius (mustache boat dad) and then further south to Nekwa to chat with the Mayor of Mustache (Mwadniiteagh or whatever the heck his name was supposed to be). Everyone seems to be pretty friendly with and respectful of Urpina. At first they wonder if she's there to go shopping or take a boat ride or whatever, but don't seem surprised at all when she says she's out on patrol, which is cool. And kinda amazing that these people feel safe in the hands of a whimsical 13-year-old.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Seeing an Ibex in the woods

Since there's not really anything to do in Nekwa, we head to the road west of Silmium, which leads to Lug, which is near the Ibex Forest. In the forest, Urpina sees an Ibex, which she gets excited about, because the White Ibex is the symbol of Silmium. But it quickly runs away even though she asks it to wait lol.

We visit Lug and get a Flower Charm as our welcoming gift, which is an accessory that grants the wearer +1 Concentration, a nice way to start off the game.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Battle preview

Some monsters appear near the bridge southwest of Lug, so we head over to take care of them. They're just some small fry, but we do get to see something nice: since we're using Clear Data, the names and images of monsters we met in Leonard's scenario are already known to Urpina! Like other games, not a ton of stuff carries over, but this is cool. We also will know that any little silhouettes we have are enemies we never saw in Leo's side.

The little guys are easy to beat.

We head over to the Marigan Temple, where the priest of course "encourages" Urpina to visit more for prayer or whatever, and when she says she's start coming every day, he gets pushy about reminding her to bring money to tithe. To herself, Urpina says this is why she hates the church.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Shadowy figure runs toward Parm

When we approach Silmium again from the north after visiting the temple, a shadowy cloaked figure runs out from the city. Urpina calls out to the person, but they don't listen and continue running straight to Castle Parm. I guess we should go there and see what's up, right?

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Thiago scares Urpina

We go visit with the Marquis of Parm, Thiago Lisboa. Remember this guy from Leo's story?

Urpina tells him that she saw a suspicious shadowy figure run this direction, and asks if everything is okay.

Thiago mocks Urpina by saying if mystery dudes got through here, the guards must be useless. He calls out to someone in the distance to behead all the guards, and asks Urpina if she'd like to take the heads with her. She tells him that isn't a funny joke and wonders if he's trying to intimidate her. He says there's nothing to be gained by intimidating a little princess, and says rather he was just looking to rile a reaction out of her and see what she looks like when she's surprised.

Seeing Urpina unmoving at his little act, he instead draws his weapon and she staggers back in shock and fear. He puts his weapon away and laughs a lot to himself, saying that was a funny face, too, and asks her to come play again. If we try to enter Parm any more after this, the final part with him brandishing his weapon and scaring Urpina just replays, so there's nothing else we can do here. Also this guy is a massive asshole wtf. I thought he was kinda cool in Leo's story, but why does he want to bully Urpina...? Also, why was he not alarmed that a shady figure that approached from the west may have infiltrated his castle?

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Iyajg Bog

With nothing coming of our visit to Parm, we decide to head south to the Iyajg Bog, where we see a weird ghost thing. This was here in Leo's scenario, too, and I think we ended up fighting some giant golem things here and dying. But they can't pull that on us this early in the game, right?

There's just some undeads here, so we decide to take them on in a fight.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Yamato

I forgot to screencap the profile screens for all the characters Urpina starts with, so I'll just kind of introduce them as we go along. Like Leonard, Urpina just has a bunch of randos traveling with her without any explanation. But it makes a little more sense that it's probably like a small army party for the patrol. Whereas Leo's party were just random farmers who decided adventures to a fairy tale land might be cool or something.

Anyway, this is Yamato, and he's one of my favs. Because you know I love a sexy suit of armor. Sadly he's just a generic silver color, when we get all these other wild colors of armor throughout the game as NPCs. But hot armor is still hot armor and I will lust over the big hunk of metal regardless because I have no standards.

Yamato starts out with a greatsword (if you don't remember, there are greatswords, longswords, smallblades, and katanas, as far as sword types go lol) and he's got a great Endurance stat, meaning his HP continues to boost well, making him a good tanky-protector type or a good frontline counterattack bait.

His stats aren't amazing, but we have him from the beginning, he's a fine piece of metal with some big-ass spaulders... we'll probably keep him around for a bit. I don't think I mentioned it yet, but this time I'm going to go for a rotating party of ten characters total -- five guys and five gals -- to keep LP up and to have decent members for the 'have a party of all the same gender' battle bonus things. When I played before, I ended up locking myself out of a lot of characters I wanted, so this time I'm going to be a little more careful (and yeah, I've looked at the guide a little on how to recruit some after not recruiting them the whole game in my last Urpina play) so I'm not entirely sure what my party composition will be like this time around since I'll have access to a lot of characters I didn't have last time.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Talking with the undead at the bog

After fighting them, we decide to be friends with them instead. Yeah, IDK. We just kind of ... do. Urpina asks what's going on here, and the undead guy explains the situation. It's kind of long, but basically they died in a battle here but didn't know what their King's last orders to them were, and there's some kind of evil energy emanating from this big rock in the bog. For them to pass on and find peace, either the energy needs to be dispelled or they need to learn their King's orders.

We're given a choice of what to do -- we can either try to expel the evil energy or go on a journey to learn of their king's final message to them. I actually tried expelling the energy before, but you have to fight the ridiculously difficult golem enemies which I'm pretty sure are impossible to defeat at this point. Well, probably not impossible, but certainly not within my strategic skillset lol.

So, we decide to take the journey to learn the king's orders this time. The undead wonders if we can even do it, but we're at least gonna try.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Big Long rears his big long head

And almost immediately after that, the scary music plays and the ground bursts into a hole... yes, that can only mean one thing! One big, long thing!

Yup, Big Long is back.

On the way to the crater, which appeared in the northwestern part of the region, we stop by Lug again and the girl there freaks out about how some big, long guy just appeared, who is kinda like a snake or kinda like a worm or something but like... he's big and long!

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Mondo recognizes Big Long

When we approach, Mondo thinks the monster might be the Earth Snake, the monster that's been terrorizing the Capital. I guess that's what Max was going to the Capital for? I don't know.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Paralyzing Big Long

Anyway, we fight Big Long who... is a lot like before. Big, Long, and summons its Little Shorts (babies) to fight alongside. Pretty easy to inflict it with status ailments, so we just paralyze it and poison it and whittle away at it. The guy in the screenshot is uh... Segall? Seagull? Something. Don't even ask me what it's supposed to be. He starts with a bow but is kinda mediocre all-around, so I'll probably replace him once I get a suitable party member.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Fall at Kathrin

After defeating Big Long, something seems to happen to Kathrin Fort. Urpina gets surprised and the place turns to shambles. We're awarded a bunch of crystals for our troubles, though, as we usually are for defeating this guy.

Instead of checking out Kathrin right away, though, we wander around the region a little more. The monster on the bridge next to Lug has reappeared, and we can actually get it to keep popping up as long as we don't defeat the monsters behind it and at the tower behind that. We need 30 Wood Crystals to upgrade our Battleaxe into a Francesca, but Lug gives a discount on Wood crafting, so we'd only need 27 there.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Urpina cracking some skulls

Oh, yeah, I should mention -- I switched Urpina over to fighting with an Axe. I wasn't really sure what to give her, so she started with her default Lonsword, then I tried out Greatswords, having both her and Yamato use one in the front, and then switched over to Axe and never looked back. Her Concentration isn't great, but with big Speed and Strength, she can make use of the Axe's debuffs and heavy-hitting arts really well since she often goes first before a lot of enemies. And since a lot of them have high BP cost, it's not bad having Urpina be the one to practice them, since she's the main character, and will probably see a lot more battles than any other character, giving her more opportunity to Rank Up her arts.

It's kinda hard to tell from the screenshot, but that's her doing the Helmet Cracker thing, the axe are that lowers defense and involves jumping up in the air and swinging down with the axe on their head. Powerful and cool.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Francesca

And with the upgrade to the Francesca, we're able to get rid of the negative speed modifier and boost her Skill, as well, making her faster and making up a little for the low accuracy of axes (she still misses like... kind of a lot though T_T).

And now that we've gotten our little upgrade, we head back to the road only to find...

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Smoke coming from Silmium

There's smoke rising from Silmium! And suddenly, it turns into a decayed-looking state, too, just like Kathrin did.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Mysterious Enemy

We rush home to find some mysterious soldiers in black armor are razing and ransacking the entire city. We battle some weaklings of the bunch which ends quickly, and afterward Urpina starts looking for Antonius. Mondo stops her, however, and tells her they need to escape. Urpina refuses, insisting that they find her brother. But Mondo tells her that Antonius can take care of himself and her own safety is what's important right now.

Once they get out of the city, Urpina asks Mondo if what he's really saying is that she's not strong enough to save her brother. He tells her, rather, that she has to focus on her own capabilities, and the things that only she can do.

Urpina decides the best course of action is to seek out Maximius and warn him of the events right away. Of course the best way to do that is through, well, Katherin, but it seems to be overrun with the evil guys now, too. In fact, they're popping up all over the region. Urpina warns the people of Lug to stay inside where it is safe.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Marigan priestess

With everything in shambles, we continue to see if everyone around is alright. We head over to the Marigan Temple, where we run into this lady. Urpina starts desperately pleading that they have to save Antonius, but the woman tells her that she needs to think about her own safety. Without Maximius or Antonius around, Urpina is the head of the House of Julanius, and she can't be so rash and risky with her own life, not only for her own good, but for the sake of her people, as well.

The woman claims to be able to pass on the power of Marigan to Urpina, and Urpina realizes she's actually the Priestess of the Temple, and apologizes for her brash reactions. But we can't just get the power of Marigan so easily, of course. In order to earn his favor, we have to prove ourselves in a trial, since he is a God of War.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Fighting the sphinx thing

And so we have to fight this Sphinx thing. It's not too bad; Urpina dies but everyone else makes it through alive. For our victory, we get the power to trigger the Grace of Marigan in battles, which causes enemies to get fried by some lightning bolts that Marigan sends down. We also get a Steel Charm that raises the wearer's Endurance by 1, which we give to Urpina to help her get her Max HP up.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Ibex treasure

Walking by the Ibex Forest again, we run into the White Ibex we saw before. Again, it runs off, but this time when we try to approach it, we find a strange cave in the mountains behind the woods. Entering, we find a treasure chest loaded with Crystals! This is probably the only free Crystals we ever get in this game, hahaha.

With 20 Earth Crystals, 10 Fire Crystals, and 10 Wood Crystals, that's even better than the reward we got for defeating Big Long.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Trying to break through Kathrin

We head back up to Kathrin to see if we can't break through and reach Gladion to easily find a way to the Capital. There are just way too many of these weird soldiers here, though. We can battle them endlessly, but there's no way to get through to the other side.

And here we can see Beatrice, another one of the knights that start out in Urpina's party. She doesn't have the bulk that makes Yamato so delicious, but she still looks tasty enough on her own, because armor is armor. And armor is hot. She's a bit mediocre like Segal, but she looks cooler and starts with a hammer so I'm a little more attached to her. But if someone much better comes along, I'll likely replace her, too, I think?

And with that, I think we've met the main group. There's also a short-haired girl named Nessa and a long-haired dude named Soren (who is the only mage character in the party right now) but I'm not even messing with them, so...

We're now have to make the decision of how we're going to get out of Rhonicum and get to the Capital. We can't go through Kathrin. Going through Parm takes us in the completely opposite direction, plus we don't want to deal with Thiago anymore, either. The Mayor of Mustache isn't letting anyone through because of the current crisis, not even the Princess. So we're left with two options, really. We can fight through the monsters in the forest and tower west of Lug, or we can ask Boat Dad for a ride down the river.

Each choice will lead to two different locations -- taking the river sound will head to Bicyniro, the place with all the rumors and the Tsuchinoko and footprints and stuff where Aslana lives. The west path goes to Jusitania, where the Grumon Queendom is and the weird pirate shenanigans. Even if we go south through Bicyniro, we'll end up just having to go through Jusitania anyway, so it's less traveling to go through the tower. But we don't have to get into any battles if we head down the river, and we can explore Bicyniro a bit before heading on.

I did the Bicyniro path last time and there's really not much to do there, so I decided to try out the tower path this time.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Tveak Tower

The battles are very easy, so there's not much to say about them. With that, though, we're headed to Jusitania and have finished the first little scene of Urpina's story!

Here's a little picspam of some of the characters in and after battle:

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Segal

Segal shooting stuff.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Urpina posing

Urp doing that one pose lol.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Yamato air-boxing

Yamato air-boxing after a victory. Hot. lololol

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Urpina choppin shit up

Urpina being a complete BAMF.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Urpina with Francesca

Urpina readying the Francesca.

SaGa SCARLET GRACE screenshot: Mondo awk pose

Mondo's super awkward victory pose.

And that's it for now :) Next time we'll head on to Jusitania and have some fun.