All Hail Dark Lord Savnok!
Troubles on the Termina Sea


Our adventures now bring us back to Termina, where the protagonist Taria seems to live. I know this because there is a building called "Taria's Workshop" that I have yet to visit, and I want to see if maybe we can recruit her.

This is where we came before and saw Phoenix land near some mountains, and now some people are doing something with fire up there or something... but other than that we didn't do much here.

I also want to correct a mistake I made before -- in some earlier entry I said I had gone and "actually" gotten Lamar at that point and finished up the Cerenaif stuff at that point.

Well, that was wrong. This is where I actually did it, so Lamar hasn't been in the party until now actually. But now we officially do have Lamar, and he's already rocking hammers.


The first thing I do, of course, is visit Taria's Workshop. That's kind of the whole reason I came here, just to see if we could recruit her. Recruiting Balmaint was super easy (he just... came with us) and Urpina wasn't that hard either (just fought some minions and impressed her brother). So hopefully Taria will be the same.


Okay, now that that's out of the way...

Like with everyone, Leo enters and asks her if she knows about Ai Hanumu. She's surprised he's asking about a children's fairy tale, and Liz sort of perturbedly comments that we're not interest in listening to some mom's lullabies.

She says she has something better though. The people of Ai Hanumu were worshippers of Firebringer. When the other gods sentenced Firebringer to exile, the people of Ai Hanumu followed him. After that, Firebringer and Ai Hanumu were wiped off the face of the Earth.

Leo asks if there was some sort of connection between Firebringer and Ai Hanumu. KID, SHE JUST TOLD YOU--

She responds that this is just another ordinary fairy tale, and it's probably not a good idea to take it very seriously.

When we leave, Liz says she got a bad feeling about that lady. Leo says that she seems to know something, though. I'll also note that they're referring to her as "obasan" which indicates they interpret her to be middle-aged (or at least "mom-aged"). I didn't think she looked that old, but...


We go to the nearby town of Schut (lol) and THIS INCREDIBLY HOT VICE MAGISTRATE is there. TBH I'd say this is probably the nicest-looking character we've seen so far. I kind of cheated and looked at a guide online (just a list of recruitable characters) to see if he was on it. He wasn't :( Roh Sung was, though.

I really don't know what his name is supposed to be, but it seems to parallel Roh Sung, and the only name I could find matching his online was "Loquai," so maybe I'll call him Roh Quai.

Since he's the vice magistrate, maybe I should ship Roh Sung and Roh Quai...

Anyway, Leo just asks him about Ai Hanumu with this ridiculous look on his face. Like why does Leo always look angry?!

He asks if Leo is some kind of scholar or something. He looks a bit old to be asking about fairy tales. Liz seems to think the thought of Leo being a scholar is pretty funny, though.

He seems a bit shocked that with all that's going on in the world, young people can frivolously trifle about with things like "looking for Ai Hanumu."

Liz doesn't actually seem mad about it, and says we should just keep looking. It's good for different people to take different paths, right?

Leo says it's normal for people to react like it's ridiculous. Even Liz felt that way at first. But she says that once she witnessed the power of the Scarlet Shards, she started to believe that Ai Hanumu really did exists, even if just a little.


Returning to Schut immediately, because, um, we already found the best part of the game, Roh Quai tells us we're free to use his boats as much as we'd like, we just can't take them to other waters. Not that there's any way to get the boat out of the Termina Sea anyway.

And so now we have a boat for this area!

There are some shark fins to the north. Approaching them starts a battle, so I'll come back to this later.

Instead, we go look around at all the other things we can see in this area since we didn't do much here before. And when we get near the northeast of the region--


Hello, there, Big Long.


This fight illustrates the awesomeness of Liz. On the first turn, she was able to paralyze Big Long so he couldn't even summon his Little Shorts. Like I said, other characters can surely do this better, but it's fun having Liz play this role. I'm really enjoying her!


Then Thiago was able to poison it right away. The battle went really smoothly after this! Liz was able to keep him paralyzed so we ended up finishing the battle without taking a single point of damage!


Lamar is also fucking hot an interesting addition to the team. He's assuming a role I hadn't really had in the party yet. He focuses completely on defense, and doesn't do a lot of attacking. It means glimmering arts is a bit slow, but he at least has glimmered ... I really have no idea how to translate it, but it's a hammer art that damages the enemy and raises his defense. And he glimmered the protect art, so he can take damage in place of a party member.

With protect arts, you have to choose the target to protect, and it only activates once per turn. So it's a bit difficult to use, but it works great with formations that have a single character in front like Desert Lance, Hook Marshal, and Counter Hazard.

If you're curious about the name of the defense-boosting art, it's literally like "cool-headed attack" which sounds ... really dumb in English. (An even more, and improperly, literal translation would be something like cold penetration which sounds good to me, teehee)

Anyway, after fighting Big Long, Leo talks about the fire that's lit in the north, but nothing in particular about it, and Liz says not to worry about it.

There's really not a lot here, so I decide to try fighting the shark fins next. The battle is not with sharks, but other aquatic monsters. I was kind of hoping that doing water-related things would lead to more Roh Quai stuff.


After the battle, the sharks are just gone, and now some jellyfish have appeared in the south part of the sea.

We fight them and the sharks reappear. But now the shark battle has upgraded to a recolor Virgin Oil and I'm afraid to take it on.


Next we head to South Gate and see what's there. There's a guard here, and Leo asks her if she knows anything about Ai Hanumu. She says she went there once, and Leo completely loses his cool like "REALLY?!?!?!"

She tells him she's just kidding around. Why would she have been to a place from a fairy tale? And why is he getting so excited all of a sudden?

On the way out, Liz laughs at Leo and teases him about it. He says he's serious about his search.


We keep heading north and examine the fires burning near the mountains. Liz and Leo wonder what all of this could be about.

As we approach, we find some guy yelling "Wahoo! Hooray for the ghost!" It seems to only further confuse poor Leo. Also, these party people are labeled as "Church of Sigfrei," though other than their name display, there's no other mention of Sigfrei or whatever.


A girl appears and is laughing wildly. Leo wonders if they're drunk. Liz says it might be some kind of festival, which actually sounds pretty fun.

But that's all that happens there.


Continuing north, we find North Gate, where we find another soldier. I really like the brown color of their armors here. Like a dark copper.

Leo asks him if he knows anything about Ai Hanumu, but he responds that he's working right now and we should stop bothering him.

Liz asks if that means he'll tell us about Ai Hanumu after he's done working. He gets a bit flustered and repeats that he's working, and we should stop asking these kinds of questions.

Liz cheerfully says we'll see him again after he gets off work, and gives him a friendly "bye-bye~."

But once we are away from him, she talks about how it seemed like he didn't know anything and he really annoyed her. But Leo says it seemed like she was having fun with him.

Liz says that getting that kind of reaction isn't fun. It's funnier if they act more flustered.


Further north, we find some more fire partiers. This time a guy hollers out, "Dark Lord, give us your strength!" Leo points out that they're completely losing themselves in the moment. Liz wonders if it might be a Dark Lord festival... but, there's probably not such a thing, right?

But uh... "Dark Lord" probably means those Savnok guys are around here somewhere...


Hey, we were right. The next group actually has one of those Savnok disciples. We catch him in the middle of saying something about the Dark Lord of Fire's energy, but upon seeing us, he says he's found suitable sacrifices. And it's battle time.

But instead of fighting Savnok people, we actually fight a Church of Sigfrey guy with a slew of undead followers... (?????)

They're not hard to fight, though, and we get a new staff for defeating them.

Afterward, Liz says that they're a bit rude for trying to sacrifice us. Leo wonders if these people are some kind of heretical cult (HMM I WONDER IDK) but either way, it's best to get out of here.

We're awarded 15 Wax, 30 water crystals, and 30 wood crystals.


But the party isn't over, it seems. After defeating these guys, yet another group of firestarters appears further along the donut trail. This time, instead of causing a ruckus, they're standing around and chanting, "Let us pray."

Leo asks them what they are praying for, but the guy with the marking on his face responds, "Anything. Just pray." Liz thinks it's pretty creepy and urges us to leave quickly.


We've almost come full circle now, as we find more fires as we get closer to Taria's house. Maybe she has a connection to them...? I kind of doubt it, but we'll just approach them and see what's up.

Leo wonders if we'll find a festival or a pray circle or what. But when we arrive, another guy-with-markings from the Church of Sigfrei is making an announcement. It seems their celebrations and prayers have been answered!



Er, not yay. It seems some big monsters have been summoned by the Dark Lord or whatever and are now in the middle of the Termina Sea. Liz urges us to get out of Termina soon, but we're definitely not doing that! We gotta save these people, right? Plus, uh, there's a very handsome man really close to where these things just summoned and we can't let anything happen to that kind of beauty.

So we stop by Schut to see if Roh Quai is okay, and we don't get any kind of dialogue or anything.


When we take Roh Quai's boat out to the monsters, Leo can't tell if it's some kind of monster or perhaps an evil spirit of the Dark Lord or what. Liz says it really doesn't matter because it's none of our business. We're given the option to let it go or fight it, and honestly these Savnok creeps are never a good thing, and there's a lovely bearded man on the line here, so we're fighting.

The monsters look like the Baku, but orange. I didn't get a screencap of their name, or really any screencaps of this fight, except for one at the end. Sometimes I kind of get into playing and forget to take caps. But it didn't seem like it went as smoothly as most fights, as only Thiago, Rico, and Julia were alive at the end (I did screencap the Recolor Baku dying XD), and Thiago and Rico were barely hanging on by like a pixel of their health bar...

Julia had more than half her HP left, though. Mages are super badass in this game, I think.

Even after defeating them, Liz and Leo can't seem to figure out if it was a regular monster or an evil spirit. But we get 55 wood crystals, 55 metal crystals, and 30 water crystals for our efforts.

But it seems we at least saved Termina and Schut and Loquai for now. But there are still more things to see here...