Killer Queen!
Manipulating Pirates with Booze

With a new shard in-hand, it's time to get out of Hibernia before anyone realizes we stole their shit.


We head south through Fomoire, I guess without anyone noticing us even though we just got done beating them up and ransacking their place for a Shard, and we end up in the province of Jusitania. The J is pronounced like Y again. (Actually, Lord Fomoire does kind of tease us about finding Ai Hanumu when we pass through, so maybe he doesn't even realize we took the Shard?)

This place runs pretty far north and south, with a beach and a few coastal cities on the southern side. There's also a river that comes from the mountain range to the east and turns and flows south into the main river dividing the region, and there are no bridges or anything to cross it, so the part of the region east or south of the river seem inaccessible at first.


Heading to Astel Convent, we ask a Sister there if she knows anything about Ai Hanumu. She says that Ai Hanumu existed in a time before people learned the teachings of the Gods. When people learned of the teachings and started to spread them, they found Ai Hanumu and discovered it was a city of evil magic, so they forsook it.

So it seems all these gods and churches and shrines around the world are a relatively new thing.


West of the convent, we find a small village called Nanim. We find a sort of ragged-looking guy here, who tells us that there's nothing left in the village, and keeps chanting "Please forgive us." Leo just asks if he knows anything about Ai Hanumu, and he says the people here know nothing at all. Please forgive us, please forgive us.

Liz looks worried after he leaves, and says he had a wild look in his eyes. This place doesn't seem very safe.


South of Nanim, we find the Grumon Queendom, which is a fun name.


Entering the queendom, a short woman bumps into Liz, and then yells at her not to stand about like that. She's very busy.

Liz, of course, gets steamed, and asks what the hell her problem was as the woman runs off. Leo says obviously she was busy.

Nothing else happens here, so we move on.

East of the Queendom, there's a pointy building called Spira Tower. Leo suggests we go look around, but Liz suggests we don't, because something might jump out at us. We're given no more information nor an option to actually go in.


As we approach the beach, though, Phoenix comes by and lands on a little patch of sand. Cool, something is bound to go down there! As soon as it leaves, we see someone has taken up digging a hole in the beach where it landed.


Since probably something weird is going to happen, we decide to first check out the town of Misery nearby, then come back to the digger later.


In Misery, we meet a tired-looking man. Leo asks him about Ai Hanumu and he just starts... fashion policing? Like tells us to change our hairstyle, and we need to put a hat on and stuff. He's not even wearing a hat! Honestly I don't think this guy is very qualified to talk on fashion in general. Well, not that I am, either, but...

Anyway, no smartass or angry comment from Liz or anything. We just leave like nothing happened.


But approaching the city again (I walked over to the east a bit where there's a big pile of bones -- idk -- and then came back in this direction), some pirates show up on a ship and start attacking the city.

Leo approaches the guy again and is like "Hmmm, wow, aren't these pirates mean?" At least to me it sounded like he was taunting him or something. But then we fight off the pirates anyway. Another easy fight. And despite the overworld sprite being a Bluto-looking beardly guy, the pirates are the same dumb models as all the bandits and whatever that we've been seeing so far. No beardly pirates for me :(

Approaching the guy again, he offers up some weird information. He says that this town used to be a resort for aristocrats and the emperor and stuff back in the days of the empire. So there's probably like, treasure or something here.

Leo asks if he really thinks there's treasure, and the guy says there's no reason for there to be any treasure now. Didn't we even think about how many years have passed since the empire was demolished?

We fought of pirates to save this guy... Ungrateful bastard.


So, we approach digger person. It's... the Busy Queen again. (Her name is like OGNYANA or something, idk... she will be Busy Queen, and according to her little name plate, she is the actual Queen of the Queendom).

As we approach, she quickly barks at us that this is official Queendom business and we can't just come waltzing in of our own leisure. Leo asks if she's looking for Phoenix's egg or something, and she just tells us it's none of our business and demands we leave right away.

What a pleasant queen. I bet her people are quite happy.


So, we leave her alone, and the pirates show up again. Now they're fighting directly with Queen Bee. Leo figures they must have seen Phoenix, too.

When we approach, we're actually given three options: Help out the Queen, help out the pirates, or stand by and watch what happens.

I was pretty shocked! I thought we'd just... help out the Queen by default because ~pirates are bad~ and we already fought them once before.

But, uh, I was pretty annoyed at this stupid Queen, so I actually decided to help the pirates hahaha. I feel like it's what Liz would have wanted...


And then we actually have to fight her! She wasn't particularly hard and didn't do anything really special, other than have a unique appearance. She just fought like all the other human characters.

For winning, though, we got a Thief's Ring, a Battleaxe, and a bunch of water crystals! It's pretty rare to get equipment from battles, so that was really nice.


Also, here's a pic of Rico doing the evil counterattack face. Doesn't it make you want to get torn apart? <3


After the fight is over, the pirates seem to already be gone. Also, I think we like... literally killed the Queen.

Leo notes that despite all the hectic digging, there's not actually anything to find here. But Liz picks up some clam shells and is like "YEAH THERE IS LOOK"

And like... IDK, it's just shells...

But Leo says if the Phoenix stopped just to eat these clams, they must be pretty good. Liz seems pretty excited, and says we should try digging for some. Leo goes along with it.

We're rewarded with 70 fire crystals, 25 earth crystals, and 25 water crystals. And no clams or anything. I don't really know what the point of the clam thing was, lol.


A bit west along the coast past Misery, kinda by where Phoenix landed, there's this little outdoor beach bar thing. I don't know what these are called, but it's like the thing where it's four bars arranged in a square with the attendant in the middle.

I prioritized getting a picture of the hot mustache pirate, though, so you have to look beyond him to see it obscured by him in the screencap. If you can even look away from that sexstache.

Anyway, we approach the place and we see Misery Guy. He wonders what foreigners are doing here, and Liz wonders what Misery Guy is doing out here.

Mister Miserable tells us that there's nothing for us to enjoy here. I'm assuming that he recognizes us as minors and doesn't want to give us alcohol and this is a bar...?

Leo is surprised this place hasn't been attacked by the pirates, when everyone else on the coast was. Misery Guy explains that they serve a drink that the pirates can't get enough of here.

And just then, one of these delicious pirates shows up. The mustache guy, of course. Look at him. Look closely. Yes.

He calls out that they don't have enough of 'the usual' on hand and need some more. Money seems to be no object for them, because he's willing to pay whatever.

Misery apologizes to him, though -- it seems that the ingredients that go into making the drink have run dry.

Love Pirate is of course pissed about this, and says if they don't have anything for him and his crew here, he's heading out. He leaves, and Misery says he'll just have close up shop today, and seems pretty upset about it. Liz seems kinda 'wtf' about the whole thing.

If we approach again after this event, the guy just tells us that this is a bar that caters to pirates. As long as you don't tick them off, they'll throw money at you. He even raises the price 20 to 30 per cent, and they don't even care.


That's all that seems to be available to do here, so we start heading back north to go to the eastern part of the region, north of the long river we can't pass. But on the way I noticed.... the Grumon Queendom is just... gone. Like, it doesn't even show up on the map. When we killed the queen did it just like... demolish her entire queendom?! Like, if it were just that we weren't allowed in because we fought with her, you'd think it would still be there, but we just couldn't enter or something. But it's just... gone.


We a city in ruins. It seems no one lives here anymore. But after checking it out, a big dog appears nearby. Leo wonders if it's someone's pet, but Liz doesn't think there would be a pet dog all the way out here like this.

She decides she wants to try feeding it, and as it eats, she thinks it looks like Leo with the way it sloshes its mouth around while gobbling everything up. So she starts calling the dog Leo, despite Leo (the person)'s objection.

It was cute, but the event didn't seem to lead to anything else, either. A lot of little random events in this place...


At the waterfall in the mountains where the river comes from, we can fight an easy battle, and then it puts us on the other side. From now on, we can just move through the waterfall by interacting with it without having to battle. So, I figured out how to get on the other side of the river, lol...

There seems to be some people clamoring around with pickaxes. Leo asks what they're up to, and the guy says he's digging for treasure. All the pirates and bandits and knights and whatever all stick to the west, so he's going to try to go east and strike it rich.


Leo just kind of walks away, and we see a mine and a jungle-like area as we continue south. At the very southern tip, we're actually able to cross the water to enter a new region.

But we don't want to do this yet, so we head back north and talk to the pickaxe dude again.


This time he says we've come just at the right time to help him out. We can fight monsters while he digs. We help and he says the treasure has to be just a bit further. We do this a few more times, and the battles get harder the first couple of times, but then it seems to just be the same every time. He also rewards us with a measly 15 metal crystals each time. And each time he says the treasure has to be just a little further.


Importantly, though, Liz ranked up Shadow Sew to Rank II! Now it only costs 1 BP. This is the bow art that paralyzes opponents. Having it cost only one Battle Point is a huge advantage for the party, and makes Liz an even more useful character. She doesn't have the greatest Concentration stat, so she probably isn't the best character for this, but this is the role I've trained her in anyway, and she outperforms anyone else right now.


We head back over to Lupagal Cave that was a bit north of the bar and south of where the Queendom used to be. When you fight in there, everything is kind of red. Neat.


Back on the east side of the river, we approach the jungle. Liz complains that it's humid and smelly and just being here feels like monsters will jump out at any second. We have no business here, so we should just go.

Of course, just as she says that, monsters jump out.

But after we fight them, we seem to have discovered a nest of bees. Liz wonders if they're harvesting honey and suggests we see where they're going.

The bees continue to emerge from the jungle in little groups and fly somewhere else, so we just have to go to the north and cross the river, come back down this far south, and wait for some and see where they go.


We find another jungle at the far west, a little south of the red cave, and enter it to see what's up. Some plant monsters attack, and they're kinda cute. They're surprisingly tough for what they are, and constantly like to slap us.

Afterward, Liz suggests that Leo grab some honey from the bees' nest. Leo complains that he's the one to do it, but we manage to get some honey.

When we talk to Misery Guy at his bar again, he seems pretty excited by the honey we've found. It seems with this, he can make an irresistible mead that will bring in customers from the seas, and asks if we'd be willing to share some with him.

Liz says since it's so amazing, we're not giving any away. But Leo says he's the one that had to go get it, so he can choose if we share it or not, and gives it to the guy. The guy thanks us and pretty much immediately, pirates come rolling in.


Liz notices that there's no one manning the ship that the pirates came in, so we just... steal it. There wasn't even an option, we're just suddenly in the boat.

We can travel around this little area, as well as cross over to the next region (so we don't have to go all the way around the river now). There are some little bubbles in the water, and inspecting them, we take a few moments and either find some treasure (but it was stupid stuff like 1 rainbow crystal) or get into a battle with monsters.


If we head back to the bar, our sexy friend is laughing it up and encouraging his crew to keep downing the mead. Leo comments to Liz that he didn't even notice his ship was missing.

I mean, if this guy is that drunk maybe we can--

Er, nevermind. I couldn't get any more events to progress after this here, so I decided to go ahead and go on to the next province and see what we could find there.