The Legend of the Seven Heroes

The Seven Heroes

As demons from every dimension threatened to consume the land, Seven Heroes rose to banish the evils to whence they came. Yet they vanished without a trace before they could revel in their victory.

Tales of the Seven -- Kzinssie, Subier, Dantarg, Noel, Bokhohn, Rocbocquet, and Wagnas -- were told around the world, and many clung to the belief that they would reappear to bring order to the world. People raised their voice in prayer with each successive blight, seeking succor and salvation.

Peace eventually embraced the land without the intervention of the Seven, and their story faded into faerie tales.

Romancing SaGa 2

Hello, friends, and welcome to my play diary for Romancing SaGa 2! I'm super hyped about this one -- this is the only SaGa game I've not played to much extent, though I'm not exactly sure why, because it seems great. In fact, with the exception of SaGa Frontier 2, I've actually cleared all the other games in the series, but this one I've only barely touched! I think because it was the least accessible to me when I first got into the series (which wasn't until the PS2 days), with RSG3 having a full fan translation and I didn't know Japanese yet at that point. So I never really bothered to try it out, hoping for one day a fan translation (or, as I never expected, an official localization!) to eventually be realized. Even after learning Japanese and playing many other games in Japanese, I never got around to really revisiting this game, except to play around through the intro a little bit. It was around that time that Imperial SaGa got released and we eventually learned of the release of this game in English, so I think I wanted to wait for that, I guess. But then it was mobile-only, and I was still using a Windows Phone when it was released, so I still didn't have access to it...

Anyway, all my random reasons for never really trying this game are in the past, and now the international multiplatform release of Romancing SaGa 2 is here! Similar to SCARLET GRACE, I'm going to be playing this one completely blind and trying to figure it out on my own as we go. I do know a lot of random things about the game just from picking it up being a lurker in the fandom and seeing it here and there. Plus Imperial SaGa was heavily focused on RSG2 content when it first launched, so I learned a lot of random things through that.

The only things I really know about the game is that it has a generational system in which you play through multiple generations of heroes, you do a little bit of city management/building or something, and Emperor Leon is hot as an Elder Dragon's breath. Other than that, I only really know a bit about the story from promotional materials, random infodumping from a pal who loves the game (and especially Kzinssie lol), and the bit of the intro to the game that I did play through.

This game marked the beginning of the modern SaGa series in a lot of ways -- it was the first game to include many systems like formations and glimmers as we know them toady, and as it was extremely popular compared to its predecessors, a lot of mechanics and ideas from this game still carry over into the games today. At a time when role-playing games were still only beginning to pick up in popularity and western fans had certain expectations of them (mostly, to be Final Fantasy-like), a lot of great games got stuck in that Japan-only void, this being included among them. Now that RPG tastes have broadened in the west and there's a demand for nostalgic and classic-style games along with a demand for interesting and thoughtful gameplay, it's the perfect time to remaster the old SaGa games, in my opinion.

OK, enough rambling, let's just get on with this whole thing~ I'm going to be doing two playthroughs; the first will be completely blind and natural, with the second trying to more fully explore everything the game has to offer. At the beginning of the game you're offered to choose the final heir of your legacy as either an Emperor or Empress, so I'll do a playthrough using one each. I don't think the game is really any different depending on who you pick, unlike other series games where there's a little bit of story for each character choice.

Emperor Legacy

  1. The Beginning
  2. Long Live the Mustache
  3. OK, Maybe Not
  4. All Hail Gerard. Or Some, Anyway.
  5. A Slippery Mess
  6. A Slippery Revenge
  7. Canal Infiltration
  8. The Pirates' Dirty Work
  9. King Harold's Invitation

Empress Legacy

  1. Another Beginning